Nothing is going to stop the crashing waves. But you can learn how to duck dive them. 

Hello, I’m Gill, a Wellbeing Warrior who advocates for a better life by spending more time in Blue Spaces and on the water. From a 20-year career in Senior Retail Leadership to a 2-year experience of how life can completely change, I’ve learnt the hard way that now is the time for healthier environments in which we work, live and play.

By achieving a sense of Blue Wave Wellbeing, my mission is to help others avoid the life-crashing health journey I have been through due to life and work-related stresses. 

Instead of continuously being thrown about through life wave after wave, a Duck Dive approach can help guide you smoothly under the turbulence with Purpose, Strength and Resilience. Along with a Water Wellness holistic balance, life becomes thriving, not just surviving, creating a stronger, better version of you. 

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