The Six Dimensions of Water Wellness

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The Six Dimensions of Water Wellness are more than just physical health. It is a continuum of emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and occupational aspects. It’s a proactive approach to supporting good health instead of relying purely on medical intervention.

Working through this continuum helps strengthen each dimension, but you can also focus on them individually. You don’t have to start working on them in the same order. This order is how I found myself strengthening them, needing emotional and spiritual support first. You may be slightly different and looking for more physical wellness in your life, and that’s absolutely fine to start there.

There are often some overlaps, such as Blue Health Journalling supporting both spiritual and emotional Water Wellness, allowing you to benefit from both dimensions. However, for more inner strength, the Power of Water Wellness comes when all dimensions are working together.

I honestly believe that Water Wellness could have potentially saved me from developing cancer if I had been practising it sooner, as it would have led to a much healthier and happier lifestyle – one of which I was much more in control.

Emotional Water Wellness

The emotional dimension encourages awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings. Use the power of Water Wellness to feel positive and enthusiastic. It includes knowing when it’s time to reflect and using Blue Mind to effectively cope with stress and life’s challenges, also known as Red Mind.

It’s about awareness of feelings towards others and the interdependent relationships built around you. There could be others around you who would also benefit from Blue Mind – a journey which you could progress through together for greater understanding and reflection.

Emotional Dimension Water Wellness

Examples of Emotional Water Wellness are:

  • Spending time in Blue Spaces reflecting on feelings and emotions, such as Blue Health Journalling or falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean.
  • Asking friends and/or family to learn new water-related skills or hobbies with you to build your confidence.
  • Inviting a friend for a coffee at the Beach Cafe to ask if they are ok.

Spiritual Water Wellness

The spiritual dimension encourages your search for meaning and purposeful existence. Life has moments of doubt, fear, pain and disappointment, as well as feelings of happiness, pleasure and discovery. It is important how we adapt to these situations and react in line with our values and beliefs. Connecting to your purpose can be powerful, whilst practising mindfulness, including Blue Mind and gratitude for Blue Space, can help you to think and behave more positively and wholeheartedly.

Spiritual Dimension Water Wellness

Examples of Spiritual Water Wellness are:

  • Connecting with others with similar beliefs, such as the Water Wellness Community.
  • Beach Yoga or Beach Meditation to the sounds of the ocean.
  • Blue Health journalling.

Physical Water Wellness

The physical dimension encourages the need for regular and consistent physical activity in or around water whilst looking after your own body. Optimal physical Water Wellness is achieved through good exercise, healthy eating habits, rehydration and self-care. It’s about spending time building physical strength, flexibility and endurance. It’s also about listening to your body, realising its needs and understanding when help is needed, especially with warning signs.

Through the power of Water Wellness, you can appreciate the relationship between what your body needs and how it performs. The physical benefits of feeling incredible and looking good most often lead to the psychological benefits of enhanced self-esteem, self-control, determination and a sense of direction.

Physical Dimension Water Wellness

Examples of Physical Water Wellness are:

  • Working out in a Blue Gym – physical activity by water.
  • Enjoying water-related fitness activities such as swimming, rowing, kayaking, surfing and aqua aerobics throughout the week.
  • Taking up water sports and hobbies, including sailing, scuba diving, water polo, kiteboarding, dragon boat racing, fishing, etc. to do during weekends and holidays.

Find out ways to help improve your physical wellness through the power of water.

Intellectual Water Wellness

The intellectual dimension encourages stimulating mental activities through expanding knowledge and skills. Learning and reading about Blue Mind and Water Wellness, problem solving environmental issues that affect our planet’s oceans and waterways, along with pursuing personal interests in water-related areas continue to stimulate and challenge the mind.

Intellectual Water Wellness also supports cognitive aspects, which is a relatively new finding in the Wellness space. It applies to maintaining a healthy brain through the capacity to keep learning, developing and challenging mental activity. Activities such as recollecting memories of seaside holidays or riverside campfires can help stimulate the brain.

Examples of Intellectual Water Wellness are:

  • Reading books such as Blue Mind, Blue Spaces, Saltwater Buddha and The Sea Is Not Made of Water.
  • Learning about how to protect the planet’s oceans.
  • Working with a Blue Mind Coach to pursue personal interests.

Social Water Wellness

The social dimension encourages contributing to the environment and community. It involves improving our world by encouraging healthier living and seeking ways to preserve natural Blue Space. It also includes reflecting on yourself and your own social needs, using your support circle to embrace water-related activities and improving Blue Mind.

Social Dimension Water Wellness

Examples of Social Water Wellness are:

  • Volunteering at local beach clean events or joining a local watersports club or organisation.
  • Offering knowledge and experience to teach others water-related skills.
  • Encourage others to participate in water-related activities and build on their Water Wellness.

Occupational Water Wellness

The occupational dimension encourages enrichment in one’s life through work. Gaining meaningful and rewarding work is important, as it supports having a positive attitude towards your contributing skills and talents. Personal values, interests and beliefs should be aligned with work, and the need to balance work/life with water-related activities in line with those values, interests, and beliefs are essential.

Occupational Dimension Water Wellness

Examples of Occupational Water Wellness are:

  • Having water features within the workplace for relaxation zones.
  • Taking a walk at lunch along a local river, lake or water fountain.
  • Learning new skills and changing career path to a water-related role to align personal interests with job satisfaction.

For a real-life example of how Water Wellness can positively impact your life, find my story and how I found my inner strength through the most challenging time of my life.

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Hello, I'm Gill, a Wellbeing Warrior who advocates for a better life by spending more time in Blue Spaces and on the water. From a 20-year career in Senior Retail Leadership to a 2-year experience of how life can completely change, I've learnt the hard way that now is the time for healthier environments in which we work, live and play.

By achieving a sense of Blue Wave Wellbeing, my mission is to help others avoid the life-crashing health journey I have been through due to life and work-related stresses.

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